Class Information

This is a Blended Class, you must complete the Online portion below, pass a Test with 80% and then attend a 6 hour Hands-On class.  Bring your emailed Certificate with you to the Hands-On class so the Instructor can complete your Certificate with a signature.  

RT-130 Fire Refresher Distant Learning

Hands-On Class dates can be found on the Training Calendar

Students are not required to take Rt-130 in the same year they complete S-130.  Rt-130 is the refresher class for S-130.


The certificate from the Distant learning class must be brought to the Hands on class
The following forms are optional for the Hands-On Class

CAL FIRE Shelter Skill Sheet[7030]

Fire Gear & Fire Shelter Inspection Form (AFR)

Work Cap Test Form (AFR)

Videos & Additional Info.

pms411 Fire Shelter Steps

Fire Shelter Inspection Guide and Re-bag Direction

RT-130 Fire Class Video List

Past Classes


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