Overview of the Scout position

The Scout Operational Unit is in command of the Evac Scene and is responsible for the safety of all personnel at the Evac Scene. A Scout Operational Unit has at least 2 personnel with at least one of them being trained to the Operation Level.

Scout Duties

The Scout Operational Unit is usually the first personnel into the field so they can gather information on the Fire situation. Scouts will evaluate properties prior to bring in Evac personnel for necessity and safety. During an Evac, Scouts fill the Lookout and Safety Officer positions and are in Command of the Evac.


Scouts receive more Wildland Fire Training than any other Evac Unit. Scout Training follows NFPA, NWCG and AFR Standards. In addition to ICS FEMA Classes, S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire, S-130 and annual Rt-130 that all Evac personnel should take. The Distant Learning AFR Scout Training classes are listed below.

AFR Scout Classes

Scout Risk Mitigation

Scout Scene Management

Scout Fire Prediction

How to Talk on the Radio

Scout Command Functions

Scout Forms

AFR Scout Call Sheet This is also called an ICS 214 Supplemental 

ics_forms_214 Activity Log

AFR Field Safety Guide


PMS 405-1 Burn Over and Fatality Report

AFR Incident Briefing Sheet Used to collect daily briefing info

Scout SOP 7-2022 This Scout SOP was built by AFR for SDHS

Additional Info

Serious Accident Investigation Guide 

Temporary Refuge Area Considerations and Options – Fire Rescue

Scout Task Book (AFR SDHS 8-2021) This is Retired Task Book that was built by AFR for SDHS 

AFR Wildland Fire Equipment List

ICS 214 Southern Fire 05-01-2021 Scout 1 Original (Completed Sample 214 Form)

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