How To Volunteer

Types of Volunteers

The first step in volunteering is deciding how you would like to volunteer. Below are some ways other people in the community are volunteering with Animal Fire Rescue. Once you know how you would like to volunteer or you would like some additional information feel free to contact the President of Animal Fire Rescue, Ken Gilden. (See contact information on top of page)

Fire Fighters

Fire Fighters and other First Responders that would like to help instruct classes or just want to sit in on a class to see if an Animal Technical Rescue class would be good for your department.

If you are a Fire Fighter and have access to a Fire Ground training facility AFR is always looking for different places to train volunteers.

Interested in Joining a Rescue Team

Animal Fire Rescue provides training for rescue teams and does not have a direct response team.

If you would like to join a Response Team, the largest and best funded Animal Rescue Team is SDHS ERT.

Training Facility Improvement

Animal Fire Rescue has a training facility in Alpine. If you have a skill or an item that you would like to donate to help improve the training facility AFR would welcome the help.

Some of the areas we are currently looking for help include:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Parking lot construction (dirt and tractor work)
  • Insulation for classroom/equipment building
  • Cutting and stacking brush to improve training scenarios


Animal Fire Rescue has no paid positions so all the money donated goes to directly into helping save animals. There are several ways to become a donner. You can find more information on our Donations Page.

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