S-130 Firefighter

The intent of this course is to train new personnel in basic Firefighting skills so they can operate safely in a Wildland Fire Operational Area.

The prerequisite for this course is S-190.

This is a blended coarse that requires the completion of both an Online Class by NWCG and a Field Exercise Day by AFR.

Hands-On Class dates can be found on the Training Calendar

Students are not required to take Rt-130 in the same year they complete S-130.  Rt-130 is the refresher class for S-130.

S-130 is a required class to fulfill the NWCG Firefighter Type 2 Standard. A complete list of Qualifications can be found in the Wildland Fire Training Qualifications.

The AFR Wildland Fire Training Qualifications provide recommended minimum training requirements. These training qualifications follow NWCG and NFPA Standards and are available for any agency to use.

NWCG Online Class

The Online Class is provided by NWCG and can be found in the Learning Portal.

Field Exercise Day

The Field Exercise Day is provided by Animal Fire Rescue.

The Field Exercise Day also includes a distant learning portion and students must complete that and receive an emailed certificate prior to attending the class. (Select the Field Exercise Day link above)

Students must bring the following the day of the class:

  • Complete wildland PPE including Fire Shelter and radio (Contact AFR Instructor if PPE has not been issued)
  • 25 lb. pack that does not include PPE.
  • Lunch, snacks and water
  • The emailed AFR Certificate to be signed by Instructor.
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