Dog Rescue in 60 foot hole

Several agencies helped rescue the dog in this video. Ken Gilden the founder of Animal Fire Rescue is seen helping with the dog along with Chula Vista Fire, San Miguel Fire, Bonita Fire, SDHS ERT and Chula Vista Animal Control.

See Fire House Magazine article for more information.

Lessons Learned

Due to the depth of the hole and in ability to safely lower personnel into the hole made this rescue very difficult. Fortunately rescue personnel were able to get a loop around the dogs neck after hours of trying and pull him out.

Animal Fire Rescue has developed a rope technique that would allow better control of a rescue loop at depths up to 100′. This Technique will hopefully allow rescue personnel to place a Rescue Loop faster and possible even get it around the body of an animal. (see diagram below)

The Tag Lines will allow the Rescue Loop to be controlled and put into place. The Tag Lines will also prevent the Rescue Loop form being synced completely, so as not to constrict the animal. If weight is needed on the Rescue Loop, carabiners could be attached at the Tag Line attachment points.

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