MPD Instruction

The following CMC videos provide a good understanding of the setup and use of the MPD.

CMC Rescue MPD Introduction; 1 of 3

CMC Rescue MPD Operation; 2 of 3

CMC Rescue MPD Practice Tips; 3 of 3

One topic not covered in the videos above is how to use the MPD on a Haist Bi-Pod Support line.

  • Set your MA out as far as possible. This will allow you to use the MA to assist with Lowering and Raising on a swing of the Bi-Pod.
  • When Lowering keep the MA in place and use the extra friction bar on the MPD.
  • If there is a considerable amount of force on the system pull on the Haul Line to release the presser on the MPD.
  • Keep tension on the Haul Line while it is brought back to the friction bar.
  • Pull the handle and lower.
  • You may need to position yourself facing the anchor to get better control.

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