A Set of Fours: The SMC Advance HX Haul System

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A Set of Fours: The SMC Advance HX Haul System

I have enjoyed the AZTEK for many years.  I have even, at one point in time, used 8 AZTEKs to build and set the truss system on our original RRG office building in Sisters (they toppled over and I had to re-align them and straighten out the building itself). Over the years, there have been improvements and the addition of the Omni Block pulley (moving for the the AZTEK Pro to the AZTEK Elite) was a good move. But still, I still needed an instruction book to deal with prusiks. Admit it…! Most of you have the same dilemma but won’t say anything :).

On a practical level, how many people actually change out their prusiks like they should?  What about inspection, much less changing them out?  How many people actually know which rope the prusiks go on?

Well, there are other options for a “set of fours” and the SMC Advance Tech HX Haul System is one of them. Yes, we will be discussing others, but this one is a keeper.  We’ve used many times for heavy set rigging (hundreds of pounds of 10″ x 20′ logs) for building platforms, as well as for general use jigger/piggy-back and tie-back systems.

In short, The SMC Advance Tech HX Haul System provides an extremely strong and versatile haul system. Weighing around 3 pounds, this kit is pre-rigged as either a 4:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage system.  We’ve been using this system for a number of years now and have enjoyed it.  And as many of you know, I am have never been excited about having to deal with prusiks with a jigger system.  I just think it is backward thinking.

This system is smooth and strong and with Rich Delaney’s “Fast Fours” setup, it is even better for confined space/tight space rescues.

I’ll spare you the details as honestly… they are all great (AZTEK, Advanced Tech, HaulBiner ect…).  The Advanced Tech HX is NFPA 1983, and what this really means ?… It is strong!  When used properly per manufacturers specs, it will literally save you time, energy and money.  You’ll love it.

Cam Rating 4:1 Haul System Strength – Typical 4:1 system rigged using the Advance Tech HX with cam engaged on the 4th leg and a standard double Pulleys.  The system utilized the becket on the Advance Tech HX Pulleys.  System was pulled end to end using carabiner holes.

Cam Rating 4:1
     Rope ø      Breaking Strength
7mm 2,000 lbf. (8.9kN)
9mm 2,500 lbf. (11.1kN)
12.5mm 4,500 lbf. (20kN)

Cam Rating 1:1 Haul System Strength – This configuration is not recommended due to the relatively low strength results, but are included in these instructions to provide the necessary guidance when developing rigging methods.  Single rope strand is rigged through the engaged cam and over one sheave.  The force is applied between the end of the rope and the Pulleys carabiner hole.

Cam Rating 1:1
     Rope ø      Breaking Strength
7mm 500 lbf. (2.2kN)
9mm 700 lbf. (3.1kN)
12.5mm 1,000 lbf. (4.4kN)

Peace on your days…


BUY the SMC Advance Tech HX Pulley System

The SMC Advance Tech HX Pulley is a double pulley with an integrated cam that provides immediate progress capture without the need of prusik loops. The all in one frame and cam design presents a compact form factor. Stainless pins retain the rope when a rigged system is packed so that system can be pulled out and used immediately. Manufactured from high quality aluminum and anodized to help prevent corrosion. The Advance Tech HX is the most advanced pulley of its kind on the market today. The Advance Tech HX will support ropes diameters from 7mm up to 12.5mm. The Advance Tech HX is ideal for all rescue applications where a small mechanical advantage system is being utilized.








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