Rope Rescue Operational Rigging Certification

The Operational Rigging Certification program follows NFPA, CMC and CA SFT Standards. Students that complete this Certification will have demonstrated Knowledge, Skills and Operational Competency in Rope Rescue Rigging.


Students must have completed one of the following to enroll.

  • AFR Rope Rescue Awareness Certification
  • CA SFT Rope Rescue Awareness/Operational Certification
  • ASAR Rope Rescue Certification

Certification Process

  1. Complete Distant Learning class at 80%
  2. Print the Certificate that is emailed to you
  3. Complete required 24 Hours of Hands-On Training
  4. Complete Practical Testing
  5. Have Certificate signed by Lead Instructor

Distant Learning Class

Select the link above to start the Distant Learning Class

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